Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Thing 1 cpd23

23 Things for Professional Development or cdp23 is a free program for the professional development of librarians.  Each week will feature one or two new 'Things' to explore.  The first week includes creating a blog post and exploring why you are participating in the program.

I am participating in the program as I am always searching for professional development opportunities.  As many librarians I am a life-long learner, and I am excited by this opportunity.  More important however is the chance to recharge myself.  The library world is changing.  I find that very exciting to be part of that.  Not all librarians feel that way.  It can be frustrating to constantly run into brick walls.  Not all change is good, nor should we change for the sake of changing, but we must keep moving forward.  We need to get past the point where people ask if there are still librarians.  Networking with others and learning new 'Things' is how I remember that these are not brick walls, but challenges which can be exciting to overcome.

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