Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Summer Reading 2014 Goals

I am very excited about this year's summer reading theme.  The overarching theme is science, and it breaks down to the different age groups as follows:

                                                             Fizz, Boom, Read: CSLP Children

Children: Fizz, Boom, Read 
Teens: Spark a Reaction
Adult: Literary Elements

Science and libraries are such a good combination, and it is something new to many libraries.  It should be easy to generate interests.  I have some personal hope that it will help, even a little, overcome Americans reticence against science.  Yes, science is cool!  One should not be proud of the fact that they do not know mathematics!

This year, I am really hoping to go big with the program.  It is the perfect platform for finally bringing together several things that I have been trying to accomplish.  I would like to do a series of themed program, so that we can build on the momentum.  I would like to reach out to community partners, and I want to build teamwork and collaboration amongst the librarians. 

To help us stay on track with the program, we have set a few summer reading goals:
  • Get people excited about library resources.
  • Involve parents and families in summer reading program.
  • Reach out to more people who do not normally come to libraries.
  • Provide cultural and community enrichment.
  • Make connections with community partners.
  • Embrace STEM in the library.
It should be a very exciting summer.  We have some big plans that we will have to pick from ranging from a science fair to close out the program to a mini-con to celebrate science fiction.  I think one of our big keys will be reaching out to our community partners such as a our schools.  I don't think that we could find a better opportunity to collaborate with the teachers especially the science teachers, librarians, and principles. 

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