Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Books as prescriptions

Avid readers have known for a long time that books can have a profound effect upon a person.  They can, in fact, be life changing.  It seems that doctors in the UK are agreeing.  The Smithsonian Magazine reports in their article "Doctors Are Now Prescribing Books to Treat Depression" that UK doctors are prescribing books for depression.  It seems to be limited to self-help books such as "Mind Over Mood" and "Overcoming Depression." 

Currently there are no hard statistics to support 'bibliotherapy', but it will be interesting to see any forthcoming results.  Is this a partnership that we could develop by working with doctors and counselors to recommend library books and databases?  It does not have to be limited to depression.

Speaking of which, do you have a favorite book to read when you are depressed?

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